Report on the Academic Affairs Retreat — October 19-20, 2007



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The Student of the 21st Century: Education and Expertise

Day 1

9:30-10:00 Welcome from Reginetta Haboucha

Introductory Panelists Anna Blume, Jeff Buchman, Sandra Markus

Moderator Bill Mooney

10:10- 11:40 Creating Interdisciplinary Possibilities: Integrating Knowledge

Panelists Donna David, Marianne Klimchuk, C.J. Yeh

Moderator Robin Sackin

Workshop Leaders Praveen Chaudhry, Vincent DiFate, Mark Higden, Karen Pearson

11:45- 12:45 Lunch

1:00- 2:30 Global Perspectives/International Experience: Exploring New Options

Panelists Yasemin Celik, Valerie Steele, Patrick Yanez

Moderator Georgianna Appignani

Workshop Leaders Charlotte Brown, Sass Brown, Denyse Montegut, Robert Vassalotti

2:45-4:15 Student/Faculty Research at FIT: Current and New Directions

Panelists Judy Ellis, Pamela Ellsworth, Lourdes Font

Moderator Stephan Kanlian

Workshop Leaders James Cascaito, Ann Denton, Michael Case, David Drogin

4:30-6:00 Transforming Learning with Technology: Critical Challenges

Panelists Gregg Chottiner, Beth Harris, NJ Wolfe

Moderator Calvin Williamson

Workshop Leaders Paul Clement, Naomi Gross, Deborah Klensenski, Kam Mak

6:15-8:00 Reception and Dinner

Day 2

8:00-9:00 Breakfast

9:00-11:00 Workshop Reports and Recommendations: Taking the Next Steps

  1. Creating Interdisciplinary Possibilities: Integrating Knowledge
  2. Global Perspectives/International Experience: Exploring New Options
  3. Student/Faculty Research at FIT: Current and New Directions
  4. Transforming Learning with Technology: Critical Challenges

11:00-12:30 Check Out, Lunch, Board bus for FIT

List of Attendees

  • Anne Appel, Home Products Development
  • Georgianna Appignani, International Programs
  • Joanne Arbuckle, School of Art and Design
  • Richard Balestrino, Advertising & Marketing Communications
  • Anna Blume, History of Art
  • Virginia Bonofiglio, Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing
  • Dympna Bowles, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Lisa Braverman-Continuing and Professional Education
  • Charlotte Brown, Education Skills
  • Sass Brown, Fashion Design
  • Jeffrey Buchman, Advertising & Marketing Communications
  • James Cascaito, Foreign Languages
  • Michael Casey-Fashion Design
  • Yasemin Celik, Social Sciences
  • Praveen Chaudhry, Social Sciences
  • Gregg Chottiner, Information Technology
  • Paul Clement, Social Sciences
  • Jackie Corrigan, Academic Affairs
  • Donna David- Communication Design
  • Carole Deletiner, English and Speech
  • Stephanie Demanuelle, Fine Arts
  • Ann Denton, Textile Development & Marketing
  • Vincent DiFate, Illustration
  • Howard Dillon, Academic Affairs
  • David Drogin, History of Art
  • Judy Ellis, Toy Design
  • Pamela Ellsworth, Global Fashion Management
  • Mario Federici, Product Management
  • Lourdes Font, History of Art
  • Patrice George, Textile Development & Marketing
  • Naomi Gross, Fashion Merchandising Management
  • Beth Harris, History of Art
  • Mark Higden, Fashion Merchandising Management
  • Michael Hyde, English and Speech
  • Michele Ingrassia, Advertising & Marketing Communications
  • Jean Jacullo, Fashion Merchandising Management
  • Takashi Kamiya, Interior Design
  • Alan Kane, School of Business and Technology
  • Eileen Karp, Fashion Design
  • Deborah Klesenski, Photography
  • Marianne Klimchuk, Packaging Design
  • Dan Levinson Wilk, American History
  • Kam Mak, Illustration
  • Elaine Maldonado, Faculty Development/CET
  • Sandra Markus, Fashion Design
  • Denyse Montegut, Fashion & Textile Studies
  • Bill Mooney, School of Liberal Arts and Academic Affairs
  • Karen Pearson, Science and Math
  • Grazyna Pilatowicz, Interior Design
  • Melanie Reim, School of Art and Design
  • Geoffrey Rogers, Science and Math
  • Theodore Schachter, Advertising & Marketing Communications
  • Valerie Steele, FIT Museum
  • Robert Vassalotti, Fashion Merchandising Management
  • Michele Washington, Communication Design
  • Jeffrey Way, Fine Arts
  • Michael Weingarten, Student Services
  • Sharon White, Fashion Merchandising Management
  • Calvin Williamson, Science and Math
  • N.J. Wolfe, Library
  • Patrick Yanez, International Trade & Marketing
  • CJ Yeh, Communication Design
  • Steven Zucker, School of Graduate Studies

Last Minute Cancellations

  • Reginetta Haboucha
  • Robin Sackin
  • Ann Kong
  • Bernard Dillard
  • Stephan Kanlian

Unable to Attend

  • Irene Buchman
  • Rene Cooper
  • Brenda Cowan
  • Roberta Elins
  • Ellen Goldstein
  • John Mincarelli
  • Thomas Thomas
  • Mary Wilson